How to Record Calls on Skype App

In the latest updates, Skype now allows users to record calls without the need for additional software. The new call-recording feature works with both audio and video calls, and it can even record shared screens in video calls. Here is how to record a voice or video call on Skype.

How to Record a Voice or Video Call

You can now start recording while you are on a call. On the desktop Skype version for computer, click on the “+” button at the bottom right corner and click on “Start Recording” button.

If you don’t see this option, you have to update your Skype client to view this button. The feature is now available for most platforms, but it will reach the Skype app for Windows 10 in middle September 2018.

For mobile devices, it works in the same way. Tap on the “+” button at the bottom of the screen and tap on “Start Recording

You will then see a banner at the top; informing everyone on the call that is being recorded. The banner verbally prompts users about recording for legal reasons.

Some US states are “a-party consent” states, which mean there is only a person on the call that knows the recording. Other states will be “two-party consent” states, which mean everyone on the call has to know if it’s being recorded.

Other people will also see a banner saying that you are recording the call.

Your call recording will be stored on Skype’s servers and appears in your Skype chat once the call is completed. Everyone on the call can see, save, or share it. The recording is only stored for 30 days and will then be removed from Skype’s servers.

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How to Save Your Call Recording

Although the recording is only available on the servers for 30 days, you can then download and keep it as long as you want. The recording files can be downloaded as MP4 format.

For the desktop Skype app, hover over the video in the chat conversation and click on “More options” button on the right of the thumbnail. Click on “Save As” to download the video to a location on your computer.

In Skype app for mobile, you simply long-press on the call recording in your chat and tap on “Save” when you see the menu to save the video to your phone.

You can also share the call recording with other people by forwarding it. All you need is to tap on the “Forward” option in the menu.

If you want to record a call without anyone else knowing that, you need a third-party app that can capture the audio of your computer or record the screen. But you should note that it can be illegal depending on the country you are in and other people are located. Each country has different laws on recording calls. For instance, if you are being in a one-party consent state while the other person is now in a two-party consent state, you are not able to legally record them without their acceptation. Each country has different laws on recording calls.

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