How To Resolve “Unfortunately, The Process Android.Process.Media Has Stopped” Error

If you are an Android user, you must at least one have faced an error that says, “Unfortunately, the process has stopped.” This error usually happens after a system update.

If an Android device wants to work properly, all the applications on the phone need to be properly synced with Google Servers. But, in some cases, after the OS update, Download Manager and Media Storage services are not able to sync with Google Servers, so the “Unfortunately, the process has stopped” error has appeared.

If your device is in the same difficulty, then you can try the following troubleshooting methods to fix “Unfortunately, the process has stopped” error on your Android phone. But before getting started, we recommend you to back up all your data first. You will have to clear a lot of data during the troubleshooting process.

These methods work with all Android devices from manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, Motorola, OnePlus, Xiaomi, etc.

  1. Clear cache and data of Google Framework Services and Play Store

The first method you should try is clearing the cache and data of some installed apps. The unnecessary data can conflict with the new files, so it’s recommended to clear the cache and the data of Google Framework Services. To do so

  • Launch Settings app your Android Device.
  • Tap on Applications (Applications Manager) section.
  • Move to “All” ta and look for Google Services Framework.
  • Tap on Google Services Framework and choose “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data”.

Now, repeat the above steps for Google Play Store app. Once done, return to Google Services Framework and choose “Force Stop” or “End” and “Clear Cache” again.

Now reboot your phone and then open Google Play Store again. Check if the “Unfortunately, the process has stopped” error has gone. If not, try other tricks below.

  1. Check Google Sync & Media Storage Settings

This method will delete all the data on the device, as it’s similar to a factory reset but not entirely. All your data in the media storage and cache data will be erased and Google Sync.

  • Head to Settings and choose Accounts The accounts section is configured differently on every device.
  • Select your “Google” accounts.
  • Untick all the services under Sync.
  • If you have added multiple accounts, choose the current email used and uncheck all services.

Now, disable and clear Media Storage data. To do so:

  • Go to Settings> tap on “All Apps” section.
  • Choose “Media Storage” and tap on “Clear Data” “Clear Cache”. Next, turn Media Storage off by tapping on “Disable” icon.

Repeat the same process with Download Manager. Once done, turn off the device and then power it back on. Next, enable Google Sync, Media Storage, and Download Manager as before and you will see the “Unfortunately, the process has stopped” error will disappear after this.

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  1. Reset App Preferences

If the above methods don’t help you, you should try resetting app preferences on your Android phone.

  • Launch Settings app and head  to the Apps (Application Manager)
  • From there, find “Default App Settings” or “Reset App Preferences” depending on the device.
  • Simply tap on it and reset your App preferences to the default settings.

If the two above methods didn’t fix, you should try this method to solve the “Unfortunately, the process has stopped” error on your device.


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