How to root OnePlus phone

Unlike other OEM manufacturers, OnePlus is one of a few manufacturers that encourages rooting their devices. So, it’s not surprising when OnePlus 6T is considered as the Android best phone right now if users want to tinker with custom ROMs. All you need is to unlock your OnePlus phone first, and you can then install additional tweaks like Xposed or flash custom ROMs.

Before rooting the phone, you need to unlock the bootloader and then install a TWRP custom recovery. You also need a Mac or Windows PC to send commands to your phone and other tools:

In this post, we’ll use the OnePlus 6T as a reference for the guide, but the following steps also work for other OnePlus devices. Just make sure you download the compatible TWRP recovery for your OnePlus phone.

Steps to unlock the bootloader on OnePlus phone

Unlocking the bootloader allows you to install custom ROMs on your phone. Before getting started, you should back up the data on your device first. To do so:

  1. Launch Settings from the app drawer or the home screen.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap on About phone.
  4. Tap on build number 7 times until you see a message “you are now a developer”
  5. Return and choose System sub-menu.
  6. Tap on Developer options.
  7. Toggle OEM unlocking switch on and enter the PIN code.
  8. Select Enable.
  9. Toggle USB debugging switch to on.

The bootloader of your phone is now ready to be unlocked. You need then to connect your OnePlus phone to your computer using a USB cable. Next, extract Minimal ADB and Fastboot tool. Then, open cmd window in that folder by holding down the Shift key while right-clicking your mouse and choosing Open PowerShell window here from the given menu. After you manage PowerShell to run, enter the following command:

adb reboot bootloader

Your OnePlus phone will now boot into the fastboot menu, and you can see the bootloader status and check if it’s locked or unlocked at the bottom of the screen menu. Continue to enter the following command to unlock the bootloader of your device:

fastboot oem unlock

Once you hit Enter key, you will see a confirmation message. You need to use volume keys to choose UNLOCK THE BOOTLOADER option and use the Power button to confirm your selection. There will be a short message saying that the bootloader has already been unlocked, and your phone will reset.

Now, you need to go through the initial configuration to set up your phone. Once again, you have to enable Developer Options as well as USB debugging.

Steps to unlock the bootloader on T-Mobile OnePlus 6T

If you are using a T-Mobile OnePlus 6T variant, you first need to get an unlock code from your carrier first before you can unlock the bootloader of your device. But, ensure you read the detail before proceeding, and if you’re eligible, you can request a code through T-Mobile’s Device Unlock app.

If you have not already installed the app, you can get a code by talking to T-Mobile’s customer care. After you get the code, follow the steps above to enable OEM unlocking and USB debugging options.

Next, note your device’s IMEI number by dialing *#06# from the phone app to use it later. Next, connect your T-Mobile OnePlus 6T to the computer and extract Minimal ADB and Fastboot tool. If you’re using MacOS, simply open a command window in the commands listed.

Select Open PowerShell window here to open cmd in that folder. After you get PowerShell opening, enter the following command:

adb reboot bootloader

Your phone will automatically boot into the fastboot menu. View the unlock code by typing the following command:

fastboot oem get_unlock_code

Now, enter your device’s IMEI number, email address, as well as the unlock code and hit Submit.

There will be the unlock token (in .bin format) sent to your email. Navigate to Minimal ADB and Fastboot folder and then enter the following command:

fastboot flash cust-unlock <unlock_token.bin>

That’s all! your T-Mobile OnePlus 6T is now to be unlocked the bootloader. All you need is to follow the above steps to unlock bootloader your T-Mobile OnePlus 6T.

How to root OnePlus phone

After you have successfully unlocked the bootloader of your OnePlus phone, it’s time to install the TWRP custom recovery. It allows you to root your OnePlus device through the Magisk module, and you can even flash custom ROMs more easily. Simply download TWRP.img file from the link above and then move it to the Minimal ADB and Fastboot folder.

Next, connect your OnePlus device to the computer via the USB cable, and move the and Magisk .zip files into the internal storage of your phone.

Repeat the steps above to open a command window from the Minimal ADB and Fastboot folder. After the PowerShell runs, enter the following command to boot your phone into fastboot mode:

adb reboot bootloader

From the fastboot menu, type in the following command to flash TWRP recovery:

fastboot boot twrp-3.2.3-1-fajita.img

Wait for a few seconds and you will see Team Win logo at the bootup screen. Enter your password, and slide across Swipe To Allow Modifications option at the bottom to get started. Tap on Install button to browse to the TWRP file from the internal storage. Slide to start installing the TWRP custom recovery. After TWRP has been installed, tap on Power > Reboot option.

To root your OnePlus phone with Magisk, switch off your phone and boot it into TWRP by pressing firmly the Volume down + Power buttons simultaneously. Once you are in TWRP menu, tap on Install and flash the Magisk .zip file. After the installation is completed, simply reboot your phone.

That’s the instruction to root your OnePlus phone with Magisk root. If you have any question, let’s know in the comment below.

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