How To Send Larger Attachments Via Maildrop

Emailing is a great way of sending and receiving media and documents. We can send pictures, videos and presentations via email to our friends, family and, of course, colleagues. But there are certain limitations in the email attachment services. For example, one of the biggest annoyance is the maximum capacity of a file which can be sent via email is very less. As an example, Gmail supports only a maximum of 25 MB files in the attachment. To get rid of that there are several cloud-based services which allow their subscribers to share very large files.



But still on iOS, there is another great app that can be used to send up to 5 GB of data if you are planning to send any large attachments. The app is called Maildrop. This Maildrop application works in conjunction with the iCloud service that is delivered by Apple. Maildrop supports files that are as large as 5 GB. This app is available for a free download on the app store.


Unfortunately, as the Maildrop and iCloud apps work in conjunction, therefore, they can’t be used on previous builds of iOS. They can only work on iOS 9.2 and above. So you need to make sure that your iPhone is running on iOS 9.2 or later. If not, you need to go to the settings then general and check for the software updates. Once updated, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

Install Maildrop

Go to the app store and look for Maildrop application, it available for free. Maildrop lets you send large attachments in your email that are up to 5 GB via iCloud. The person who receives the attachments sent by you will be able to see the links of the attachments for the next 30 days, in short the attachments will be valid for only 30 days. All the available file types are supported by Maildrop.




Limitations of Maildrop:

If in case you are facing any problems using Maildrop, please check the following. These should comply with your usage.

  1. Files and attachments larger than 5 GB are not allowed.
  2. Any decompressed folder is not allowed in the attachments.
  3. The maximum number of sent emails and the number of recipients must not be exceeded as prescribed in the terms and condition of the App usage.
  4. The usage data of your Maildrop account shouldn’t exceed the set limit of 1 TB.

After enabling and setting up Maildrop, your iPhone will automatically ask you to use Maildrop if you are sending larger files as it gets integrated with iCloud and iOS. On the receiver’s end, the receiver can download the attachment as a whole or can load up the attachment files one by one.

The links to the attachments will be available on the servers for at least 30 days.

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