How to Send Text Messages From Your PC

Windows 10 has added a new app, called “Your Phone” within its October update. With this new feature, you can send text messages from your PC or get access to photos even when you are using an Android phone. In the time coming, you can mirror the entire screen of your phone to your Windows 10 PC and receive notifications on your PC as well.

It is pitiful that only Android users can approach to most of these features. The reason is that Apple doesn’t allow third-party developers like Microsoft to integrate too deeply into their operating system.

From October 2, you can see the appearance of a new “Your Phone” icon on your PC’s desktop. Clicking on it will open the Your Phone app and all you need is to follow on-screen instructions to connect your PC to your phone. Note that you need to log in the same Microsoft account as on your PC.

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To use this feature, your Android phone must be running Android 7.0 or later. According to Microsoft announcement, you can drag a photo from the Your Phone app directly to Photoshop or another Windows application without extra file management required. Right after a new text message in the Your Phone app shows up, you can send text messages immediately from your computer. Thus, this Android app is regarded as a wonderful text messaging tool that works with your PC’s keyboard.

Both iPhone and Android users have the same “Continue on PC” feature which allows sending links from your phone to your PC. It is extremely beneficial when you start reading a web page on your phone and would like to switch to your PC. There will be more features arriving in the future from Microsoft. At an event on October 2, 2018, Microsoft introduced also the screen mirroring feature. In the time coming, you will be able to mirror your Android phone’s entire screen to your PC or viewing it in a window on your desktop. This feature was demonstrated with a Snapchat call by Microsoft. However, it will work with any apps soon.

There are also different features, like notification mirroring which is promising in the future. A lot among these features were shown off in Windows 10 October update as well. Nevertheless, Microsoft is simplifying them for easier usage.

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