How to Send WhatsApp Messages without Saving Contact

There is no doubt as WhatsApp is currently one of the most popular chat message apps with over 1 billion active users. Users can easily make the communication with WhatsApp. All you need is just adding the contact number and then start the conversation. But WhatsApp still comes with its disadvantage over the traditional text SMS as you are not able to send WhatsApp messages without saving the contact number. If you are worried about this problem, this post will show you a solution to help you send WhatsApp messages without having to add the contact details.

If you want to send the message in WhatsApp, you must save the contact on your phone. Although the receiver still receives the message even when the contact is not saved, there is a problem is that the sender needs to add the contact in order to start the conversation.

WhatsApp comes with an official API that allows opening the chat screen of any registered phone number on WhatsApp. There is an app called “WA Direct Chat” based on API, which is useful to view the WhatsApp deleted messages.

WA Direct Chat is a mobile app that allows you to send WhatsApp messages without needing to add the contact number. It’s completely a free app and there is no hidden fee.

Send a WhatsApp message without saving contacts on Android

We are going to show you a quick way that you can send WhatsApp messages without needing to add the mobile number. Before proceeding, you should download and install WA Direct Chat app on your Android phone.

  1. Once you downloaded the WA Direct Chat application, tap on it to open
  2. Choose the country code of the receiver number.
  3. Type in the receiver’s mobile number.
  4. Type in the message that you want to send.
  5. Tap on Send icon to launch WhatsApp app.
  6. You can also add media if prompted before you send the message.

By this way, you can send WhatsApp messages without needing to save the contact number on any Android phones. But you can just send the messages to contacts already registered on WhatsApp. If that number is not on WhatsApp, there will be an error message appearing on the screen.

There is also an option to select the mobile number in the recent call logs. This feature is pretty handy when you dialed a mobile number and just want to send a message to the same contact.

If you want to repeat the sent messages, simply tap on the “History” icon at the bottom screen. You can resend the message with the same text or edit the message before you send it.

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How to send WhatsApp messages without saving contacts on iPhone

  1. Launch Google Chrome/ Safari browser on your iPhone
  2. Copy and paste the following URL into the address box:
  3. Remember to replace ????????? by a sender country code & mobile number. For instance, if you send a message to number “90521xxxx”, you need to replace ????????? with 90521xxxxx
  4. Once done, tap on Message
  5. The chat screen will be automatically shown up in WhatsApp app.

Here is how to send a WhatsApp message without needing to add contact number from any Android & iOS devices. Let’s know your thoughts in the comment below.

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