How To Set Up And Use Emergency SOS On iOS 11

Similarly the Emergency SOS on Apple Watch, you can now trigger a call to emergency services with the help of a shortcut on your iPhone. You will no longer have to use this quick-access feature. Here’s how you can set up and use Emergency SOS in your iOS 11 device.

Steps to turn on Emergency SOS

Once enabled, you can make a call for emergency services without unlocking your iPhone by simply pressing the Powerbutton five times. Here is how to turn the feature on.

  1. First, launch the Settings appon your iPhone.
  2. Next, tap Emergency SOS.
  3. Toggle the switch next to Auto Call
  4. Toggle Countdown Soundon or off, it depends on whether you want to enable a three-second warning sound to call emergency services.

The countdown sound might be good or bad, depending on your choice. It will let you know when you accidentally make a call for emergency services, so you can cancel it before it’s too late. You can decide whether it is important or not to know when you’ve accidentally called emergency services or keep your iPhone silent if you want.

How to use Emergency SOS on iPhone

On iOS 11, it’s easy to call emergency services just pressing the Power button five times.

Due to its simplicity, there are many people complaining that they’ve accidentally called emergency services. However, you can cancel the call at any time just by tapping the big X button at the bottom of the screen. You just have three seconds to hang up, so don’t hesitate.

When using Emergency SOS, it looks for everyone in your emergency contacts, who you set up in the Health App.

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Steps to disable Emergency SOS on iPhone

If you see that the possibility of accidentally calling emergency services is more crucial than the convenience of a shortcut on your lock screen, you can disable it as the same way you turned it on.

  1. First go to the Settingson your iPhone.
  2. Now tap Emergency SOSin the list.
  3. Toggle the Auto Call

That’s all you need to do! Do you have questions about the way Emergency SOS works, , and how to use it? Let’s know in the comment below.


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