How to troubleshoot your PlayStation VR

Developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, PlayStation VR does offer people a unique VR experience with cool features. However, everything has its flaws, and PlayStation VR is not an exception. And one of the main issues with PlayStation that many users have experienced is the screen-mirroring. Some users complain that there is they can only get a picture on the PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD) and not on the TV. This may result from either the hardware or software. And here are some fixes that you can try when you face screen-mirroring issues.

Check your HDCP settings

Perhaps, some PSVR games are affected by enabling High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP). HDCP has the ability to prevent copying of content when transferred via specific connections. So, it’s a good idea to disable it, and here’s how:

Step 1: Click on Settings > System.

Step 2: Now, uncheck the box next to Enable HDCP, and then click on Yes. You are done disabling HDCP.

Check your HDMI cables

The screen-mirroring issues may be caused by faulty or poor-quality HDMI cables. You need to replace each HDMI cable with one that didn’t ship with your PSVR, and then check whether you get a picture on your TV.

You also need to jiggle the HDMI cable that pairs with the back of your PS4. If a picture shows up on your TV, it’s very possible that the hardware in your PS4 is the main reason.

Remove the extension cable

Again, in case of the cable issues, it’s a good idea to get rid of the extension cable that connects PSVR’s external processing unit to the HMD.

Afer that, plug the HMD directly into the processing unit, and then check whether a picture appears on your TV.

Contact Sony support

If you have exhausted those solutions and the problem is not fixed, the possibility is that the PSVR’s image processing unit or the actual PS4 is the main causes. At this point, you are better off contacting Sony support.

It should be noted that an outdated version of PSVR probably causes a number of issues with PlayStation, so we recommend updating it. Here’s how.

Step 1: Delve into the Settings menu.

Step 2: Click on Devices > PlayStation VR > PlayStation VR device software.

Step 3: Now, simply click on Update PlayStation VR device software.

That’s it. Do you have any questions? Sound off in the comments section below.

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