How To Try Delta Lite NES Emulator

The developer of popular console Delta emulator for iOS (formerly GBA4iOS), Riley Testut, has recently announced a project which will make his fans occupied while waiting for Delta’s full release.

The project, which is called Delta Lite is simply understood as a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator, running inside the Swift Playgrounds app for iOS devices.

Delta Lite is released without the aim of replacing the full Delta version, and it will be incorporated into the final iteration, contributing NES capabilities to other emulators in the multi-faceted app. The list of systems which Delta supports is:

  • Nintendo Entertainment
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment
  • Game Boy
  • Game Boy Advance
  • Game Boy Advance

If you have not been able to try out the closed Delta beta version yet, you should not be depressed. The NES emulator is now available for you to give it a try, and this post today will give you how to install it and show you how to give it a go.

To read the full post from Riley Testut, you can check out his blog.

How to install Delta Lite on your iPad

To install the Swift Playgrounds on your device, you will need an iPad Air or newer models that are running iOS 11 or later. Newer iPad mini variants are also compatible.  To do so:

1) First of all, download Swift Playgrounds from the App Store.

2) After that, go to this page on your iPad, and then click on this link to add Delta Lite to the Swift Playgrounds app subscriptions on your device.

3) Now, click on Subscribe from the pop-up window appearing on the screen.

4) You will now be redirected to the Delta Lite page. Simply tap on Get to download the app

5) Once it’s downloaded, you need to tap on the thumbnail in My Playgrounds section, and then tap on Open to open it.

6) Ensure you have installed the Files app on your device in order to add your NES games to your iCloud Drive.

7) In Delta Lite, locate the text naming:

let game =

And click on the landscape button on the right of it in order to import your game from your iCloud Drive:

Choose your game, and tap on Use. After that, press the Run My Code button to start playing.

8) You now have it! Mega Man is now for you.

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You need to use the central slider to resize the full-screen window since the basic interface will look like the image below:

For our testing time, the emulator played smoothly without any bug, though it sometimes struggled a little for slowing speed. But we hope the gameplay will be improved with more polish in the next update. Once it’s removed from the Swift Playgrounds app, it will also be placed in its home in the Delta app.

It’s great to note that the support for Delta is still continuing in spite of the long wait, and although most people are eager to experience the full range of systems, this offering is expected to tide people over for the time being.

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