How to Turn Off Caller ID On iPhone

Caller ID is one of the most popular features offered by carries all over the world. It allows users to see the caller’s phone number. However, for some reasons, you want to keep your phone number private. Fortunately, you can now  hide your Caller IS as easy as pie. Disabling it for calls is an easier task than any specific call.

How to Turn Off Caller ID on a Per-Contact or Per-Call Basis

To do this, you would first need a special code from your carrier. This code will be used to block your Caller ID on a Per-Call Basis. For example, you want to hide your Caller ID while calling 390-666-6578, you just enter the “disabler” code before the number; #31#666-6578.

You can also find your disabler code on the Wikipedia page. After that, you can use code whenever you need to hide your number from others.

Note: If some countries may not include the specific code in the list, usage varies with each country.

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How to Hide Caller ID on iPhone From Just One Person

If you want to hide your Caller ID from one person, the simplest thing you can do is saving that contact with the “disabler” code before the person’s phone number. From now, whenever you dial that person the saved “disabler” code helps hide your Caller ID.

How to Block Caller ID on iPhone for All Outgoing Calls

To keep your Caller ID hidden from everyone, all you have to do is just opening the Settings app and then scroll down to Phone.

Now, tap on “Show My Caller ID”. Turn it off, and you have sucesffuly disabled Caller ID for all outgoing calls.

Well, that’s all. Although three are easy, they are helpful ways to help you turn off caller ID which give you the decision who you want your phone number to be available.

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