How To Turn On Low Power Mode On Your Iphone

Abnormal battery drain is a common iOS problem and you will find it super annoying. With iOS 9, Apple introduced Low Power mode for the first time, and the new feature has received mostly positive reviews from experts and users. Basically, Low Power Mode temporarily reduces power consumption until you can fully recharge your device. According to Apple, when you put your iPhone in Low Power Mode, the system notifications, mail fetch, background app refresh, automatic downloads and visual effects will be reduced or turned off to save your phone’s battery.


When your battery level goes down to 20%, your iPhone will pop up with a notification, informing that you have a low battery and suggesting that you turn on Low Power mode. To activate Low Power Mode, you can go to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode. When it is turned on, your battery indicator will turn yellow.

Besides, Low Power Mode can be manually enabled at any time including when your phone’s battery hits 100 % charged. To do this, you can head  to Settings > Battery.


Then you just need to slide the toggle button to the right (green) to enable Low Power Mode.


While charging, Low Power Mode will automatically turn off when your phone hits 80% charged, changing the yellow battery icon back to the green icon.


According to tech experts, you should turn on Low Power Mode for everyday usage. Besides, you can head to Settings > Battery to see a list of apps that are using the most battery power, and you can disable the apps that you are not actively using. You can also see how long the app has been on the screen by tapping on the clock icon next to the battery usage.



  1. You may be wondering why your battery drains quickly when you are using certain apps. Here are some reasons for your problem.
  2. The app is used in the background. It could be downloading content, uploading content or using location services.
  3. The app is being used in an area with poor cellular network coverage. That means your iPhone will constantly scan for networks, which can drain your phone battery quickly.
  4. The app is not being used properly. For example, you app is constantly crashing. We recommend removing it to save more battery power.

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