How to Update AirPods Firmware to the Latest Version

A new firmware version 3.7.2 is available for AirPods users. From up to now, you can find performance improvements and bug fixes in this firmware update. So, if you find that Air Pods AirPods are not performing up to the mark, randomly disconnecting from your iPhone or draining battery fast, you should quickly upgrade it to the latest version.

In this tutorial, we will share you how to update AirPods to the Latest Firmware Version easily.

Steps to update AirPods to the Latest Firmware Version

You can update your headphones by keeping the connected iOS device nearby your charging case, and then, continue to put the earbuds into the charging case

However, you should note that the case is fully charged and they have been connected to your iOS device (Settings → Bluetooth) just in case you are unable to update your AirPods. You can fix the issue by resetting the charging case.

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 How to check AirPods Firmware version on iPhone and iPad

AirPod allows you to quickly check out the firmware version that’s running on the earphones.

Step 1. The first thing you need to do is to connect the AirPods to your iOS device.

Step 2. Next up, you continue to launch Settings app on your iPhone. And then, you need to tap on General.

Step 3. Tap on About.

Step 4. After that, you simply need to tap on AirPods.

Step 5. Lastly, on the next screen, you have to check out the Firmware Version of your AirPods and find out the serial number, model number and the hardware version of your AirPods.

From here, you have finished updating AirPods software to the latest version

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