How To Use Your Apple Watch As A Remote Control

Apple Watch is a bigger deal than you think. Apple’s smartwatch is not limited to checking notifications on your iPhone, tracking your health or receiving phone calls. In this case, Apple Watch can act as a remote control. Accordingly, you can use your smartwatch to control Apple TV, play music in iTunes, adjust the climate in your car, and control many other devices that are connected to your Apple ID.
In this post, we will show how you can use your Apple TV as a remote control

1. Apple TV


Apple Watch includes an app called Remote that allows you to control many iOS devices that are connected to one Apple ID. Accordingly, you can use Apple Watch to watch some Netflix on your Apple TV, or even you can pause and resume shows any time you need to.

2. iTunes


You can use your smartwatch to manage your iTunes library on your Mac or Windows PC. In other words, you now can reach for Apple’s hardware remotely without the need for iPhone or iPad.

3. Camera

With Apple Watch, you can access access the viewfinder on the iSight camera app on your iPhone, which means that you can put your iPhone somewhere and use your Apple Watch to see what you want to see and even take a picture. Besides, you voice command your iPhone to take a picture by using Siri that is built-in right into your Apple Watch.

4. Audio


You may have noticed that Apple Watch has 2GB of space for storing files and audio, but many of us don’t know that Apple Watch can control music albums stored on our iPhone. Besides, Apple Watch can playback from iTunes Match and even it can control music playing from Airplay-connected speakers.

5. HomeKit


HomeKit is a nice feature for iOS devices. Basically, HomeKit allows you to control any of connected devices from multiple manufacturers through a single platform. Besides, HomeKit now supports Siri voice commands that help you control your accessories when you are away from home.

6. Many others

Apple Watch can do a lot more things thanks to third-party apps. For example, there is a new app called that allows you to remotely open your garage door in real time.


Apple Watch is among the most desired smartwatches in the world. Apple is expected to unveil the second generation Apple Watch in the second half this year. The next Apple Watch has been rumored to come with a lot more features and improvements than its previous model.

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