Introduction To Cloud Computing Technologies

Today, I’m writing this post to introduce the Cloud computing technology to people who are new to this technology.

Because you’re reading this post, so I’m sure that you’re interested with this thing and maybe you’re going to use it for your systems, websites, applications…

But at all of cases, before going to buy something, you have to get a deep understanding of it. So please keep reading because you’re becoming an expert after reading this post 😉

1. The first question, what is “Cloud computing”?

I will explain it with the easiest way to understand.

Firstly, what is the “Cloud” here? In this case “Cloud” is a metaphor word, you can easily imagine to the meaning of “cloud”. The cloud is stayed up in the sky, so you can see it at home, at works… and your friends or any people are also able to see the cloud, right? So let’s continue imagining if we can instantly “put” something into the cloud and also can instantly “get” it from the cloud. Then…WOW, that will be so cool because we can easily sharing everything with people, friends, family… And of course, the cloud will be able to contain more “items” if it’s more bigger.

So continue talking to the “Cloud computing“. Cloud computing is based on this idea. It’s exactly working like my example above but here we don’t have any real “Cloud”, the clouds here are the computing system connected to Internet. By using cloud computing technology, your resources will be optimized with the maximum of availability to sharing.

Cloud computing - Source: Internet

Cloud computing – Source: Internet

As you see from the picture above, all applications, services… are also working around the cloud. We don’t have to care much about how does the “cloud” work to serve our request, but we still can use it as well without any trouble.

One more benefit of using Cloud computing, you can simply expand your “Cloud” (Resources: Hardware, connection…) within a few minutes. No more worries about too much technique things, let the cloud do that for you.

2. Cloud computing characteristics

Cloud computing system will have these characteristics:

  1. Broad network access: The resources must be accessible with a wide bandwidth.
  2. On-demand self service: As what I wrote above, users will be able to customize their resource without any actions for hardware upgrading. Everything should be done with a few simple clicks.
  3. Resource pooling: The “Cloud” will be used by multiple users but resources must be optimized and always available.
  4. Rapidly: Resources are released to exactly meet your demand.
  5. Measurable: The using of resources should be measurable, you can monitor your usage of resources. Everything must be exact and near to be up to date at real-time

3. The benefits of using Cloud computing

  1. Optimized resources for your system: Use as your demand, change your resources as soon as you need
  2. Ease of uses: No need to care much about technique and hardware, just simply install your system with some clicks
  3. High availbility: With a “big cloud“, your resources will be stable and available at all of times.
  4. Broad network: If you have a high demand for network connection, Cloud computing will solve your trouble.
  5. Security: If you’re not an expert of security, using Cloud computing service is a good idea for you. Cloud computing stores all of your “items” in their computing system with high security, you can easily backup – restore your data with 1 click.

So, after all things I’ve explained, I think you’ve to understand what is Cloud computing. To continue reading from this post, I will write a post to advise you some best Cloud computing providers!

Wait for my news 😉

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