iOS 10.2 to get 72 new emojis soon

Apple has just rolled out the first beta of iOS 10.2 to developers. And the good news is that when iOS 10.2 is available to your devices, you will be presented with 72 new emojis! Apple has also folded them into macOS Sierra 10.12.2 developer beta. With iOS 10.2, Apple is adding full Unicode 9.0 support. Unicode 9.0 was officially unveiled on June 21st after being approved earlier this month.


New faces, new reactions, new animals, new objects, and a lot more are included in the new 72 emoji set. To specify, an abundance of new smileys and faces consists of icons that depict rolling on the floor laughing, a clown, drooling and nauseated faces a tissue-wielding sneezing face, shrug, pregnant woman, “face palm”, and so on. Particularly, the “face palm” emoji will come in male and female genders in order to accurately capture your mood.

Besides, Apple does add other emojis for new career roles with gender diversity: teacher, welder, coder, farmer, scientist, student, mechanic, etc.

iOS users will also get a handful of new hand gestures such as selfie, hand with index and middle fingers crossed, raised back of hand and handshake,  and a host of new animals with 13 new ones, and food imagery, ranging from fruits and vegetables to full dishes like a green salad or doner kebab. Plus, the sports section will come with a variety of activities, consisting of gold, silver and bronze medals, along with emoji depicting wrestling, water polo and handball.

In addition adding 72 new emojis, Apple has also redesigned most of the currently available emojis, such as the Easter Island and moon, however, there were some left.

ios-10-old-emoji-redesignediOS 10.2 is currently in developer beta, but you can expect to get the final version in a few weeks, along with the 72 new emoji set. What new emoji are you most excited about? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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