iPhone 4S Setting Records?

Most people are familiar with the Guinness World Records, which has existed since 1951 and documents world records of all sorts through its literature. From the world’s tallest man to the fastest selling consumer electronics device, the Guinness World Records keeps track of it all. As for the latter, the current holder of that world record is Microsoft’s Kinect, which had taken the title just last year after it had sold an astonishing eight million units within 60 days of being publicly released.

Another consumer electronics device, if it can fall under that category, which has gained a lot of attention recently due to its large number of units sold is Apple’s iPhone 4S. Having been released on October 14th of 2011, the iPhone 4S has long passed the 60-day mark that the Kinect sold its eight million units within. However, as of now, the general public has not been informed just how many iPhone 4S units have been sold in that same 60-day period. What we do know is that Apple sold 37 million total iPhones in the fourth quarter of 2011, spanning from October 1st to December 31st. However, as this number also includes the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, we don’t even know how many iPhone 4S units were sold on their own during 2011’s fourth quarter. The only solid available number on the iPhone 4S is four million units which had been sold within the first three days of going on sale.

Even though exact numbers are being withheld for the time being, researchers have been taking the time to estimate what these numbers are without Apple’s disclosure. Survey firm Consumer Intelligence Research has suggested that an estimated 89% of those 37 million units sold are of the iPhone 4S, as the number of sales for the two previous-generation iPhones have undoubtedly dropped in favor of the newest iPhone model. This estimate is backed up by the iPhone’s high average selling price of $659 reported by Apple in its quarterly earnings report.

As the period between the day the iPhone 4S went on sale and the day Apple’s quarterly reporting period had ended consisted of 78 days, only 18 days longer than the Kinect’s record-holding period, and Apple sold 29 million more iPhones than Microsoft sold Kinect units within each separate time period, it is almost certain that Apple broke Microsoft’s world record. That is, if the iPhone 4S can be considered a “consumer electronics device” and that estimates are indeed correct or somewhat accurate at the very least. By the time the next Guinness World Records book is ready for publication at the end of the year, we will see if Apple’s iPhone 4S did in fact beat Microsoft’s Kinect for the world record of fastest selling consumer electronics device.

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