iPhone XI- Great Replacement For iPhone X In 2018

iPhone X last year made a lot of attractions and it was the most significant flagship. However, there are rumors indicating that this year will be special for the Apple fans.

The devices introducing in this September will solidify Apple smartphone ambitions. Previously, there was a rumor about iPhone X that Apple will discontinue the iPhone X model but that doesn’t mean that its design is also going to be scraped off. It seems that Apple will not go on sale iPhone X at a discounted price.

Although iPhone models released in 2018 are still mysterious and nobody can know exactly anything, the iDrop News reveals that there is a high possibility for an “iPhone XI” appearance this year. Here is an expected lineup of iPhones this year:

iPhone XI- Expected New Features

Many rumors state that there will be an “iPhone X Plus” variant, which is larger than the iPhone X and will feature a massive 6.5-inch display. There might also have one more device released this year and it would come with an LCD display which is less expensive than the other phones. The phone will feature a 6.1-inch display covering with a metal construction. Here are some innovative possibilities that Apple might be implementing on its upcoming masterpiece.

Similar Design & Face ID

According to analysts from all around the world, Apple is planning to discard the iPhone X design on its upcoming devices. Additionally, you should now start saving up for a low-cost LCD iPhone model, which is expected to launch this September since there are high chances that it brings a huge success for Apple. It’s also expected that Face ID feature will be used in all of iPhone lineup this year.

Dual Camera with New TrueDepth Sensors

Many rumors also say Apple will remove the TrueDepth system in the rear-facing camera since the process of producing was getting more difficult. But according to Apple engineering, Martin Hajek, the company still uses one set of TrueDepth sensors and on camera all at the same time by mounting them vertically.

If it’s true, the iPhone XI will have Face ID capabilities with rear facing AR and Apple will not have to separate the two TrueDepth sensors anymore.

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Flush Camera, Slimmer Bezels & Much More

The bezels on iPhone models this year expected to get slimmer since Apple intends to take it further step, even though iPhone X did great with the bezels. All the three iPhones variants in the lineup will feature dual lens cameras with optical image stabilization (OIS).

iPhone XI Launch Date

iPhone XI is rumored to be released this year and all of us know how creative Apple is. Every time the company releases something new, they ensure that its product hits the headlines. We’re not sure exactly when Apple will introduce iPhone models, but there is a high chance it is around September 2018.

So, there is nothing that can ensure and no one knows what Apple will bring to its fans this year.



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