Launch two apps together in split-screen mode with Screens

Android 7.0 Nougat did allow you to display two apps on the screen at the same time on handsets and tablets; however, Google seems to make the process of launching two apps in split-screen mode a bit clumsy at times. This is true as it removed the UI tuner’s swipe gesture, and the home button behavior has been tweaked in 7.1. But thankfully, with the help of a new app dubbed Screens, the process has become much easier. The app is developed by Keep Away From Fire.

Screens lets you choose two apps that include split screen support and have these open launch at the same time when you need them. Screens creates a shortcut for your home screen so that the action can be performed in a quick manner. You don’t have to root your device, but you will need to enable it as an accessibility service. The interface is user friendly with just two buttons and a text field. After choosing the apps you want to open, and create the shortcut, you will get an icon like any other. The app is even able to launch the apps running in the background in split-screen mode.

Before launching apps in split-screen mode, you first need to make sure that the apps you would like to include in your shortcut add support for split screen. Note that some apps don’t allow you to perform this task, so if you try to open them through a shortcut, Screens will crash. Plus, your device, of course, need to run on Android 7.0 or later so that you can use the app.

Screens is currently available free download via the Google Play Store. The developer has also released the source code for the app on GitHub so that other developers can access the app and develop on it further.

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Did you download Screens to your device? How have you experienced it so far? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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