Making Your MacBook Battery Last Longer

We love the MacBook because of the ability to work on a Mac on the go. You can use it at home, whether it’s in your home office or on the living room couch. You could take it with you to school to take notes during class or to get some studying done at the library. Travelers enjoy taking it on a vacation so they could get some work done at the airport, on the plane and in the hotel room. MacBook users also enjoy going to the local coffee shop to get some fresh air.

This portability comes at a price though, which is the battery length. Your battery length is determined by several factors, namely, the type of battery you have, the amount of programs you have running and the age of your battery. Here are several ways that you can make your MacBook battery last longer.

Use Your Battery

You’ve heard of the saying “If you don’t use it, you lose it?” That’s the case with your laptops’ battery. If you always have your MacBook Air plugged in and you never use the battery, it will deteriorate with time faster than if you regularly use it. Even if you never move your laptop, you should use the battery. The next owner of your laptop will appreciate it.

Preserve Your Charge

If you’re out and about without a way to charge your Macbook you will need to conserve your batteries’ charge as much as possible. If Apple claims your battery can last you 5 hours, it might last you anywhere from 3 to 6 hours, depending on what programs you have running. When you’re trying to preserve your charge, dim your screen to as low as you can handle it. Don’t have a CD in the CD-ROM drive if you don’t need to. You will also want to quit any applications that you’re currently not using. If you’re not going to use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi you can turn those off to lengthen your battery charge.

Calibrate Your Battery

I’m unsure if this really works, but calibrating your MacBook’s battery every month or two may extend the life of your battery. Here’s how to do it. Charge your battery to 100% and leave it plugged in for a while after that. Then unplug it and use your laptop until the battery is completely drained and your MacBook turns off. Finally, plug it back in and leave it charging until it is fully charged again.

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