MIUI 10 Global Has Special Features: App Shortcuts in Browser, Website Deep Links

Along with the release of the selfie Redmi Y2 phone for the Indian market, Xiaomi has also revealed the global variant of its MIUI 10 at that launch event. The Global MIUI 10 version will reach to compatible Xiaomi devices starting from mid-June.

Apart from the features including the renew UI, multi-tasking window, AI portrait, and gesture navigation already seen on the Chinese MIUI 10 variant, the Chinese company has also added a ton of centric features as well for the Indian market. Let’s have the quick look at new features for Xiaomi’s users in India.

MIUI 10 Features For Indian Market

  • Access PWAs of Indian Services

With the revolution of 4G technology, millions of Indian users are getting online. However, these new users may not always know the apps and services to use to help their work done. According to Xiaomi, the browser is becoming one of the most important apps and MIUI 10 will make it more useful.

That’s the reason why the browser app on MIUI 10 version will come with an “apps section”, which offers access to Progressive Web Apps (PWA) of common local services. PWAs of common services like BookMyShow. MakeMyTrip, Ola Cabs, and more can be easily opened just by a few taps.

  • Messaging App Updates

In global MIUI 10 version, the messaging app will be handier for Indian users. It could recognize and collect messages from businesses together, which does not require sending a reply. In such cases, the MIUI 10 will automatically remove the reply box altogether, and then replace it with a new ‘Quick Menu’.  Quick Menulets will help users jump straight to the official app from the business messaged you. With bank-related messages, you can easily search for ATMs near you and then open their website just by a tap.

In a Xiaomi’s official MIUI Forum post, it has stated that the quick menu feature will be available for more than 100 sender IDs, including Paytm, ICICI Bank, Flipkart and more.

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  • Easily Scan Paytm QR Codes

Paytm has become the go-to digital payments platform in India and you can see QR Codes at all retail stores and even street-side hawkers. Xiaomi realized a chance to simplify the payment process and MIUI 10 allows easily scanning Paytm QR codes.

All you need is just opening the camera app on your MIUI 10 Xiaomi device and then scanning a Paytm QR code to pay for stuff. The stock camera app on MIUI 10 is deep-linked with the Paytm app, so you won’t have to install it on your phone anymore.

  • MI Music And Mi Video

In the launch event, the company also announced that its Mi Music and Mi Video apps have been added a lot of content through other partnerships such as Hungama Music, Voot, TVF, etc.

The MIUI 10 Global version is scheduled to release in mid-June, as announced at the launch event of Redmi Y2. All Xiaomi phones released after 2014 will be receiving the MIUI 10 update.  If your device is not on the list of compatible devices, you may be out of luck for MIUI 10 variant.

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