Motorola To Offer Two Moto Mod Teams Funding To Roll Out Their Products

Motorola has been focusing on promoting third-party developers to make unique Moto Mods for its lineup of Moto Z phones. T, there are 13 of those development teams present their device to a panel of Motorola, Verizon, Lenovo Capital executives in this week. Finally, Lenovo Capial gives funding to two of those teams to help roll out their products.

In detail, Digiframe became the one of the winning Moto Mod proposals. This proposal helps show information like the weather, a person’s schedule, and more by adding a second e-paper screen to the back of a Moto Z phone. The Digiframe with its magnetic back allows the users to stick a refrigerator and post notes to other people in the house.

The MACAY TrueSound HiFi accessory was the other winning Moto Mod. It came out of one of Motorola’s hackathon events in New York City. With this idea, owners of those phones can listen to sounds better on their headphones by Moto Z phones’s higher end audio ports that are usually found in more expensive speakers.

Lenovo Capital decided to give a share $1 million in investment funding for both of these concepts. However, the group wants to perform its due diligence before a final investment proposal is made to those teams.

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Motorola allows the teams behind Digiframe and MACAY TrueSound HiFi to join the new Moto Mods Accelerator Program. Those teams will be provided with hands-on assistance from experienced engineering and design partners that might help them roll out their Moto Mod ideas into real products, which would eventually be sold by Verizon. There are four Moto Mod design teams enrolling in the program. They are the previously announced Keyboard mod with the adding a physical keyboard to the Moto Z phones together with the Edge mod with the adding multi-LED notification lights around the phone.

In the accelerator program, there are two concepts accepted, including wireless charging Moto Mod and one that places at the back of the Moto Z a solar energy charging mod. phones. If one or more of these concepts will lastly come to life as real products that can be purchased by current Moto Z owners, it will be very interesting.


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