Now you can rate different aspects of a Game on Google Play

At present, there are a host of games in the Google Play store with various genres, such as Adventure, Action, Puzzles, and a lot more. Normally, Google Play divides the games into genres, plus free or paid, or displays them depending on the ratings and reviews they get. It is undeniable that reviewing and rating games has never been an easy task, as you are just satisfied with some specific aspects of a game, and the other failed to meet your expectations. In fact, this old rating system was not well-received. A number of users have decided to purchase a game, as it was given a high rating score. But badly, after purchasing that game, players have seen that the graphics or the controls are very bad.

But that seems to be changing, as users will now be able to rate a game according to different aspects with the new Feature Ratings Circle. To specify, instead of giving a game an overall rating up to 5 stars, users can give a high rate for the good aspects, and put a poor rate for others. Therefore, you will be able to find that a game has a good gameplay, but the graphics appear bad directly from the rating score. Feature Ratings Circle is also useful for pretentious gamers who will never play a game if it doesn’t get an overall high rate.

As expected, the new Feature Ratings Circle now requires players to leave a score between 1 (poor) and 5 (very good) for different aspects, including Controls, Gameplay, and Graphics. Hopefully, more aspects will be included in the new rating system in the near future.


Feature Ratings Circle will show up under the regular rating bars and above the Review Highlights section. Google Play is currently testing the new feature for gaming reviews. According to sources, it may or may not be released to all users.

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What do you think of the new Feature Ratings Circle? Sound off in the comments section below.

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