How To Use Your Apple Watch As A Remote Control

Apple Watch is a bigger deal than you think. Apple’s smartwatch is not limited to checking notifications on your iPhone, tracking your health or receiving phone calls. In this case, Apple Watch can act as a remote control. Accordingly, you can use your smartwatch to control Apple TV, play music in iTunes, adjust the climate … Read more

Keeping Information & Data Safe

With modern innovations such as the internet and countless digital technologies, information is very easy to share and spread. This, of course, also means you need to do a lot more to keep it safe. This is for a variety of reasons, be it personal or for business use. Data is sensitive, so you need … Read more

iPad Mini: Smaller, But Better?

The iPad mini is one of the latest in the iPad range, and a step in a new direction for tablet devices as a whole. While the exact details and release date aren’t clear, it’s safe to say that there is a lot to look forward to with the iPad mini, or iPad Nano as it is … Read more

Exposé On Mac OS X Explained

Multi-taskers love to use Macs because they can run many applications at once without slowing the system down. The downside of having so many apps open is that you end up opening so many windows that you lose track of what is open and where it is. Accessing Programs On A Mac There’s a few … Read more