Is The iPad Just A Toy?

When the iPad was released I wondered whether this device was really going to take off. Since it was an Apple product I figured it would initially be a big hit since their previous major product release, the iPhone, had been so successful. But the bigger question I had was whether the tablet device itself … Read more

Why I Never Buy Apple Care

Whenever I buy a product, like a refrigerator, television or a computer, I am offered the option of buying an extended warranty by a pushy salesperson. Warranties are how some stores make their money. The profit margins are often times so small that the store makes more money on selling warranties than on selling the … Read more

4 Advantages Of Textbooks On The iPad

The iPad is not just a toy that kids can use to play Angry Birds. The iPad can help students in the classroom as well. Increasingly we’re seeing iPads being integrated into the classroom environment. News stories have shown iPads in elementary schools in helping kids learn math as they play some educational games. But … Read more

Is The Apple iPhone 5 Near?

Everyone thought that the iPhone 5 would be released last year. Instead, Apple gave the world the iPhone 4S, which is a great phone, but still leaves everyone wondering: will there be an iPhone 5 coming soon? Well, there’s nothing substantive yet, but all signs are pointing to yes, the iPhone 5 is on its’ … Read more

A Decent Gaming Set-Up

Online gaming is big business. Whether it’s a few quick matches during the week, or a few hours on the weekends, there is an undeniably big audience for online gaming. Whilst the games very between console and PC, there are some things you can buy to enhance your experience. If this sounds like you, these items might … Read more

Microsoft Surface vs iPad Retina Display

The iPad has always represented the cutting edge of touch tablet technology. However, with the recent release of Microsoft Surface, it would seem that this position is under threat. We put the two head to head to see which one comes out on top. Screen The Microsoft Surface has considerable screen real estate with a … Read more

iPhone 4S Setting Records?

Most people are familiar with the Guinness World Records, which has existed since 1951 and documents world records of all sorts through its literature. From the world’s tallest man to the fastest selling consumer electronics device, the Guinness World Records keeps track of it all. As for the latter, the current holder of that world … Read more

How To Use Spaces On Your Mac

With OSX Leopard came a new featured called Spaces. Typically on a computer screen you would have one desktop. If you frequently multi-task with many programs you can understand how a desktop can become cluttered. With Spaces you can visually separate your applications into multiple desktops and easily switch between them. Why Use Spaces? An … Read more

iPad Mini: Smaller, But Better?

The iPad mini is one of the latest in the iPad range, and a step in a new direction for tablet devices as a whole. While the exact details and release date aren’t clear, it’s safe to say that there is a lot to look forward to with the iPad mini, or iPad Nano as it is … Read more