Printing Pictures From The iPhone

If you’ve got an iPhone then it’s probably very likely that you’ll often use it to upload digital images to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. You will also probably work on your images within the phone itself, using powerful apps like Instagram to tweak and fine-tune the way they look. That’s the great thing about this Apple gizmo – you can do pretty much anything with it.

Which is why an increasingly large number of people are also heading down the route of mobile printing too. While uploading your shots to a social networking or photo sharing website is all well and good, plenty of folks still love the feeling of a physical printed image that they can hold and cherish over time.

The perfect app

So, if you’re somebody who wants to print out images, then the good news is that nowadays you can do it with ease, and all from within the confines of your iOS device, which obviously includes the iPhone. One of the best ways forward is to make use of the PicFlick app from Kodak, which is a great little snippet of software that allows you to print out pictures in many popular sizes.

Better still, the app is free to download and install and it’s a quick and easy process that usually takes mere minutes. Once you’ve worked your way through the installation steps then you’ll also have to configure things to run via a compatible All-in-One printer from the latest Kodak range, of which any of the Hero models make a good place to start. These are also good because they are very cheap to refill.

Printing underway

Once the setup and configuration steps are done, which means you’ll need to ensure that your phone and the printer are hooked up to the same wireless network, then you’ll be good to go on the printing front. The printing process itself is pretty much a one or two touch affair, with little required to output an image. Of course, you can use any one of hundreds of other apps to edit images beforehand or make them a little bit goofy if you require something rather more left-field.

With those pre-printing checks done, all you need to do then is simply pick a size setting – the app does most of that for you, as there are popular pre-sets. With all that in place, tap the print button and you’ll have a shiny new photograph emerging from your All-in-One in no time. This is just one aspect of mobile printing, however, because right now many other printer manufacturers are coming up with similar concepts, so don’t feel like you have to go and buy a new Kodak printer if you prefer models from the other big printer brands out there.

And, finally, it might also be worth checking out the cloud printing apps that are also out there now too, which enable you to print images and other digital documentation from any location, just as long as you can get access to the web. Which, of course, you can thanks to that shiny new iPhone of yours.

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