Safari On The iPad 2

There are countless other browsers in the iPad app store that are better than Safari, that is, until iOS 5 came out Safari got a massive facelift. I was so impressed with the updated Safari browser I dumped my paid browser and switched back to Safari. Let me go through a list of the changes made on Safari on the iPad.

Tabbed Browsing

Back in the old days of web browsing on your PC if you wanted to open a new webpage you would have to open an entirely new window. Things got messy and eventually tabs were created to help alleviate the mess. Now, we all use one window with multiple tabs open to browse websites. With Safari, additional web pages used to be opened separately. But with the iOS 5 update to the iPad, tabbed browsing has finally arrived for Safari.


When you come across an article on a webpage, like the one you’re reading now, tap the Reader icon. When you do that, the ads, extra images and formatting disappear, allowing you to read the article without all the clutter. When you add an item to your “Reading List” on your iPad it is saved so you can read it later. The neat thing about your reading list is that it’s saved in the cloud so you can read your saved articles later on your iPhone.

Private Browsing

You may sometimes want to share your iPad with someone else. But you don’t want to save your browsing history. With the updated Safari you can now activate private browsing. Once private browsing has been turned on, the toolbar turns black to let you know that private browsing mode is active.

Search / Find

It’s easier than ever now to conduct searches on Safari. When the keyboard opens you’ll find a “Find On Page” option above the keyboard. You can also conduct Google searches (or searches within the page) by tapping on the dedicated search bar which is located next to the address bar. As you type you will be given search suggestions to help complete your search quicklier.

Previous Pages

When you visit a few pages you can go back to the previous page by tapping on the left arrow on the toolbar. But what if you wanted to go back to a page you visited 5 minutes ago, say 8 pages ago? Well now when you tap and hold the left arrow on the toolbar you will see a list of your previously visited pages.

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