Samsung providing for thousands of prototypes of its foldable smartphone

It is reported that Samsung is in the process of designing a type of smartphone whose display can be foldable for some time. The most recent report unveils that Samsung is making restless attempts steps by steps to soon introduce the new model to the community. The model will be called with the name “Galaxy X”.

The Investor- a Korea-based website, based on anonymous sources, also claims that just within the early six months of 2017, the company is capable of putting in orders for components with the quantity between two thousands to three thousands prototype units of the dual-screen phone. In the meanwhile, there is a rumor that Samsung will release two OLED panels. It comes as a surprise that these OLED panels which are linked in the middle via a hinge may be opened 180 degrees.

According to the ultimate strategy, Samsung is going to roll out a model which just owns one OLED screen, but can be foldable outward. It may take at least a few years for the Korean giant manufacturer to put the plan into practice, but the wait will not disappoint you.

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In addition, the Korea-based website declares that the company even would like to bring a limited number of units for its Galaxy X foldable smartphone sometime to the public in the late six months of 2017. Nonetheless, the company has been keeping secret about all the plans, so the claim is just a guess. Not long ago, the rumor that Samsung would launch this type of smartphones at CES 2017 or MWC2017 turned out to be not true in the end. More lately, the Display’s principal engineer of Samsung known as Kim Tae Woong, used to reveal that the company had no intention of releasing its foldable smartphones until 2019.

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