How to Share Audio from iPhone to AirPods

Apple has made everything simpler when sharing audio from a device to AirPods. If you and your friends / a family member have a pair of AirPods, you can listen to the same audio from the iPhone seamlessly. iOS 13 comes with a new feature, called Audio Sharing and this is how this new feature works

If you have two AirPods, sharing audio is much more convenient compared to the earlier methods that were to use a splitter or handled an AirPod to another friend. You can also apply the following steps to Powerbeats Pro.

How to Share Audio to Several AirPods in iOS 13

If the iPhone of both you and your friend are running on iOS 13 version, and both of you have paired AirPods paired your phone, you simply put the two devices near each other and play a song on the leftover iPhone from the Music app. If you want to make thing simpler, you can put an iPhone on top of another.

Here is the list of devices supporting Share Audio features (those support Bluetooth 5.0):

iOS 13:

iPhone 8/ 8 Plus

iPhone X,

iPhone XS/XS Max/ XR

iPod Touch 7th.

iPadOS 13: 

iPad Pro 11-inch

iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2nd-generation and later)

iPad Air (3rd-generation)

iPad mini (5th-generation)

Once you put your iPhones next to each other, there will be a prompt, asking whether you want to share audio on your iPhone with other devices. All you need is to tap on “Share Audio” button to begin sharing audio.

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Steps to Share Audio from iPhone to AirPods directly

What to do if the person does not use the iPhone, but he/she has AirPods, you can still use Share Audio feature to manually pair the second AirPods pair. It’s not different from the normal process of pairing AirPods.

All you need is to open the AirPods case and then press & hold on the button at the back of the case. When you see the pairing popup on the screen, tap on Connect.

After the connection is successful, two AirPods will display in the AirPlay menu of your iPhone. So play a song, simply tap on the AirPlay button and choose AirPods from the outputs screen. Your favorite audio will then play on both iPhones.

That’s how to use Share Audio feature to listen to music on both iPhones. Do you feel this trick useful? Let’s know in the comment below.

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