Should You Replace Your SIM Card?

SIM cards are small, removable card-mounted microchips inside cell phones and other mobile devices that contain essential data such as your phone number, contacts, and stored messages. Most importantly of all, they allow you to connect to the mobile network associated with the company that issued the card. Although contract and pre-pay mobile phones always come with a SIM card installed, it is possible to replace this with any SIM card that you like, as long as the phone is unlocked. So if you are happy with your phone, but unhappy with your network provider, you might want to look into getting a SIM-only deal with a low-cost supplier such as giffgaff. For great deals on SIM only plans, check out the giffgaff website.

There are many advantages to having a fixed-length phone contract – at least, there used to be. Back when the only options were contract and pay as you go, you had to choose between the free texts and minutes that came with fixed-term contracts, or the freedom of pay as you go. It’s all very well getting lots of free calls and texts every month, but if you fall behind with the payments, you could have your service cut off. This never happens with phones on pre pay deals, but it can be somewhat inconvenient having to top up your phone on a regular basis, and if you use your phone a lot, then it can work out a lot more expensive than a contract.

This is where giffgaff comes in. This network operator provides SIM-only deals that offer all the benefits of fixed-length contracts, such as low-cost calls, texts, and internet use, but allow you to cancel the contract whenever you like. Of course, you can theoretically cancel any phone contract, but you will have to pay all the remaining bills up front in order to do so. With giffgaff, you can cancel the contract at any time, or change to another monthly tariff, and you don’t have to pay any fees.

You don’t even have to pay for the SIM card itself, as this is provided free of charge by the company on request. Once inserted, you can select the tariff that you want from a range of options to suit your phone usage needs. For example, if you want to take full advantage of the mobile internet capabilities of your iPhone, you could select an unlimited data plan. Or, if you are looking to keep costs to a minimum, you could select a cheaper package that provides a decent number of free calls and texts, or unlimited texts but no free calls, in exchange for a low monthly fee.

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