Snapchat New Tools Let Brands See Performance of Geofilter Ads

According to a report by Wall Street Journal on Thursday, a series of new tools called “Snap to Store” for marketers has been launched by Snapchat. They support brands in evaluating the performance of geofilter ads among users. For a year, those tools have been examining a lot of brands, notably Paramount Pictures and 7-Eleven. Currently, the company is about to widen ‘Snap to Store’ to a larger scale of brands including the fast food, retail, movie and automobile fields.

Based on Snapchat’s new proprietary digital dashboard, brands can assess the effectiveness of their ad campaign in directing users to interesting specific places like shops, restaurants, movie theaters and etc.

In its S-1 filing, the firm claimed that they had used the location-based features of the Snapchat application to develop their own Snap to Store measurement product. It was hopeful to identify the increase in store visits after users watch an ad. Here is an example which is offered by the filing.

To promote the Jalapeño Fresco Chicken Sandwich, Wendy made use of Sponsored geofilters at its U.S. stores. Then, Snap-to-Store was used to measure the number of viewers. Then, the result pointed out there were over 42,000 incremental people visiting a Wendy’s location after a week of viewing the Sponsored geofilter.

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On a basis, the Snap to Store will strengthen sponsored geofilters. More specifically, Snapchat users can find all the friends who visit a specific restaurant regardless of whether they did see their snap or not. In the meanwhile, a restaurant owner can identify the impact on the advertising campaigns on shoppers and Wendy is the first example for using this new tool to evaluate how Snapchat ads drive people to its locations. Now, all the advertisers who only need to reach a certain threshold with Snapchat can utilize Snap-to-Store freely.

Although Snapchat’s new tool to Store cannot avoid some small limits like not supplying marketers with shoppers’ date, Snap-to-Store is still a useful tool for marketers in particular and managers in general.

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