Spotify Releases New Feature Called ‘Spotify Codes’

Spotify, which is a well-known music streaming app, is rolling out a new functionality called “Spotify Codes” to give users a better using experience. The way this feature works is rather similar to that of QR Code. Users are able to create a code for a song, artist, album and playlist and this can be used to share in social media as well.

In addition, users are necessary to take a photo of the code or import one from their photo, which is not entirely the same as QR code reader. Besides, in order to specifically accomplish this purpose, Spotify has created a new camera shortcut on its app. As usual, users can also save the code to the Camera roll on their devices.

Spotify Codes is a pretty convenient and useful feature. It has already been updated for both Android and iOS devices, so you can download it from now. Moreover, Spotify hasn’t released any information about whether the new feature will be restricted to certain region or not. Therefore, it seems like the update will be available to all users at the same time.

According to an official announcement of Spotify, Spotify Codes bring up a number of advantages. It allows users to quickly follow their playlist, share their Spotify profile on social media or even listen to their artist’s new song just by simply importing a code posted by their idol. Furthermore, users are able to scan a flyer, poster and more to get a Spotify Code.

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It also mentioned how to use this new feature. At first, you just need to tap on the three dot symbol and then, you will see a Spotify Code attached to the bottom of the artwork. In order to save it to your camera, tapping on the Code-enhanced artwork.

For scanning a Spotify Code, there is a new camera icon to the right of the Search bar, click on it to scan the artwork and you will be lead to that content right away.


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