Steps to Download iOS App Signer for Mac

If you usually install third party apps on your iPhone/iPad, you should know the App Signer. It is an app that is frequently used to combine different IPA files into a combined file. This app is very useful especially when you want to install multiple apps on your device and it can help you install all the combined apps quickly and easily. So if some of you have not yet to know about this app, on this post, we will show you steps to download iOS app signer for Mac to install multiple IPA files.

When installing a third party app, it will requires some tools to do this, including a Mac, a USB cable, iTunes app, and a sideloading software like Cydia Impactor. Although the process is not difficult, installing apps on your device by using iOS App Signer is still easier.

App Signer will require Mac OS X 10.9 or higher version running on your Mac. Moreover, you will also need to install Xcode 7 on your Mac to install the app. Here are steps to sideload the App Singer on your iPhone/iPad.

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Steps to Download iOS App Signer for Mac

  1. First of all, download the iOS App Signer from here to your Mac. If not, you can also easily find it on the internet.
  2. Now launch Xcode and create a new iOS application. The main function of this application is helping you install the app.
  3. While creating the new iOS application, you should name it in order to find it in your system more easily. You can then choose the identifier to find it.
  4. If you see your Apple ID, simply click on it to select it. In case you don’t see your Apple ID, you will need to put it in the bar.
  5. To keep out of other errors, select your device from the connected devices in the Xcode screen.
  6. Now, launch the iOS Signer App and choose signing certificate. After that, select your profile and click Start.
  7. Wait for a minute so that it generates a file, and you can then save it on your device. After that, you can use this file to install the apps on your iPhone easily.

These steps are completed and you can then generate any type of IPA files. Once again, you should have the latest version of Xcode and Mac OS X installed on your Mac.

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