Steps to Password “Protected iWork Documents” on Mac

All of you want to keep your private information due to its sensitive nature. It’d be great if you have a Mac, as you can easily do with the help of the iWork, where all your documents can be password protected. In this post, we’ll see what procedure you should follow in order to add a password to Pages, Numbers and Keynote documents on your Mac. We’ll talk about Pages app but the method is the same for the other apps as well.

How To Password Protect iWork Documents on Mac OS

To getting started, first of all, you have to open the document in question and then head to File -> Set Password.

After that, there will be a window with ‘Require a password to open this document’. Here, enter your desired password in the Password dialogue box and then enter it again in the Verify box. Once done, hit ‘Set Password’.

Take Note Lock Icon on the Pages File

After you have successfully set passcode to protect the iWork document, there will be a lock symbol near the file name. Also, this lock is visible in the File Finder.

Open a Password Protected Pages File

When you want to open a password protected document in the Pages files, you will be asked to enter your password for the access. There will be a window called ‘Enter Password’ appears. Moreover, you also have an option that allows you  to save your password to your keychain in this window.

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Change the Password

To change the password, you simply the password when you are prompted and then go to File -> Change Password. In the ‘Change or remove the document password’ box, enter your old password and then type in the new one and verify if you want to change your password.

You can also do this by accessing to the ‘Change or remove the document password’ box again. Type in the Old password and then choose Remove Password to complete the process.

Protecting important information or documents with a password can be very useful when it will limits the access for any person other than you. The password manager like Apple Keychain or 1Password is a good assistant to help you out and keep tracking of all passwords and logins. In fact, there are also other password managers that allow you to store private information and data, not only passwords and logins.


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