Super Mario Run Now Available To Run For Android On March 23th

According to the video game publisher, Nintendo America, the Super Mario Run, a well-known, multi-player game, will be available in Play Store on Thusday, March 23. This activity just takes place a few weeks after the release of the fantasy Fire Emblem: Heroes for Android and iOS platforms in early February. Super Mario was launched in 151 countries in last December with revenues of over $53 million and at first was only compatible with Apple devices.

To be able to become the first customers to experience this game, you should register the Google Play Store first and then you’ll be notified when Super Mario Run is on Play Store. Launched in late 2016 for iOS platform, the classic Super Mario Run game has got about 78 million downloads so far.

Upon release, Android users will receive version 2.0.0 and iPhone users will receive updates for the same version. This time, the update will add some new characters in the game. Android players will have the opportunity to control the protagonist Mario with the dramatic, fascinating, endless gameplay. Super Mario is still operated in portrait mode. In addition, players must focus on moving Mario forward to collect coins and overcome obstacles. Players will be able to control Mario to cross the 2D worlds with the same difficulty and skills needed in the levels at the Super Mario Bros series. The extremely difficult and impressive space designed in the game has attracted millions of players when joining in this game.

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The game has three parts – including in the World Tour, the Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder, and is enhanced with some new characters that can be played in the game.

To join Super Mario, players can download for free but to pass the first level they have to spend $10. According to statistics, only fewer than 5 percent of Super Mario Run users choose to pay this price to join the game after considering the price of other games from Google Play or the App Store.

In the next fiscal year, Nintendo has confirmed information about plans to launch a one of the most popular console games, Animal Crossing, for mobile platform starting in April 2017. Nintendo also launches two to three new mobile games each year.


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