How to find iPhone with your Apple Watch

Apart from other products of Apple like MacBook or iPhone, Apple Watch is becoming increasingly more popular. In fact, this smartwatch has been used for many purposes. You can do many things like getting filtered, replying messages or buying goods online. Furthermore, Apple Watch can be used effectively to find the position of your iPhone. … Read more

How to Fix Siri Reminders Not Working on iPhone

Siri is a great virtual assistant as it helps us get many things done. Thanks to the pre-installation of the Reminders app, you can easily say the phrases like, “Remind me of…”, “Remind me to call…”, etc. Siri will let you know when reminding you of these tasks. However, some iPhone users have recently reported … Read more

How To Fix Apple Watch Showing Red Exclamation Mark (!) 

All of us know that Apple Watch might also come with problematic sometimes, but most issues can be easily fixed with the help of generic solutions such as a quick reboot, performing factory reset, and simply unpairing. However, some Apple Watch users discovered an issue that is more complicated than an app crashing. Their Apple … Read more