TapToOpen Allows Interacting With Lock Screen Notifications With A Tap

Normally, you probably interact with notifications on your Lock screen in two ways, including swiping on or using a 3D touch gesture. With the manipulation of swiping, you completely are able to clear or respond to the notification; whereas, the 3D Touch gesture opens a quick response interface for you.

Recently, iOS developer gilshahar7 has rolled out a new free jailbreak tweak, known as TapToOpen. Thanks to this function, now users just need to tap on notifications to interact with them.

As far as you know, Apple’s gesture system is set up with the aim to precluding accidental actions via the Lock screen. In other words, every action is supposed to go through two steps, so users can go back and undo something if they would like.

Although TapToOpen skips this two-step process, it still requests you passcode or Touch ID to unlock your device prior to taking further actions. Hence, it can be said that you still face small restrictions when your phone is password-protected.

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Supposing that you miss some notifications like a text message on your Lock screen, firstly you can tap on the banner notification to unlock your device and then go straight to the conversation in your Messages app to reply.

TapToOpen has the same operation as to other apps; nonetheless, to make sure the highest effectiveness, it should be used with native apps or third-party apps which support Quick Reply API. Apart from that, because of having no configuration, it is comparatively easy to use. In case, you feel it unnecessary anymore, you simply uninstall it.

If you are keen on trying TapToOpen, it is now available for free in Cydia’s BigBoss repository today. Moreover, it also can work on all jailbroken iOS 10 devices. Last but not least, anyone that are interested in the inner workings of jailbreak tweaks can search the source code which is available on Github.

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