The Benefits of Private Cloud Computing

Private and public : The major difference between private cloud and public cloud infrastructures is that a private system is utilized only to house and distribute your data as well as applications,

while a public one is taken advantage to serve the demands for multiple organizations, not just yours.

A public cloud often sees a service vendor make available applications, data storage capacity and other resources to organizations or the general public that uses its own servers. With a private cloud, lots of organizations will construct the infrastructure on their own using their servers, otherwise they can bring in a third party so as to build and deliver the dedicated resources they demand on.

Companies that determine which type of cloud to use initially need to consider how critical the data and applications are to their business. They must also consider any regulatory or data protection requirements related to their organizations. Organizations in financial services or health, for example, must comply with strict rules in terms of the control and security of their data, so they are more likely to opt a private cloud service.

Safe private cloud infrastructures

One main benefit of private cloud infrastructures is that they are usually more secure than alternatives, as the organization’s data is tightly secured and monitored on servers that no other company has approach to.

Moreover, the servers can either sit within the network boundaries of the organization that utilize them, with those servers that are managed and maintained by internal IT staff, or they can be placed within the data center of a cloud service vendor, with an organization accessing the data kept on the servers through private and secure network links.

In case the servers that form part of private cloud infrastructure are placed in company premise, an organization does not have to concern about the physical security of servers situated in the external data centers of third party cloud vendors. Although it must be said that data centers taken advantage by cloud service vendors are likely to have to meet strict data security compliance requirements.

Other organizations that need cloud services quickly and cheaply to tackle less critical data, are more likely to opt a public shared cloud infrastructure.

Greater reliability

Alongside with greater security, private clouds can often offer widen and more predictable service availability for users. Such reliability can sometimes be lacking as public and shared cloud networks are utilized, which is the reason why organizations that take advantage any cloud service must first evaluate what network performance they will see for the type of applications as well as services they are putting into the cloud.

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