The best Snapchat innovation till date; Snapchat Spectacles

In late September, Snap Inc. unveiled Spectacles, a pair of $130 sunglasses that syncs with your smartphone to record 10-second videos, similar to Google Glass. And the company just brought those camera-equipped glasses to the market (starting Thursday). You can get your hands on a pair from a bright yellow vending machine – called Snapbot – that will show up at a different location each day to sell the device. However, the location hasn’t been announced, customers interested in buying Snapchat Spectacles can keep track of where the Snapbots are located using a map on the Spectacles websites. The Snapbots will be the only place potential customers can buy the device, at least for the first few months.


Snapchat Spectacles are available in three colors: black, teal and coral, if you are yet to decide what color to pick for Spectacles, you can virtually try on any pair of glasses via the bot. All you need to do is pick your color on the Snapbot, put in a debit or credit card, and 10 seconds later, the Spectacles will come out. Spectacles come inside a bulky case acting as a charger. It also comes with one charging cable and one cleaning cloth. The case is able to recharge Spectacles around 4 times, and you can snap up to 400 times with each charge.

It should be noted that Snapchat Spectacles requires iPhone and later running iOS 8 and above, and Android devices running Android 4.3 and above with BLE and Wi-Fi Direct. Plus, the company recommends updating your mobile device to get the best experience with Spectacles. If you are using iPhone SE, it’s best to upgrade it to iOS 10 or you may have trouble pairing.

It’s very easy to use Snapchat Spectacles: You just need to press down firmly the button on Spectacles once to shoot a video. If you want to stop recording, press and hold the button for around 2 seconds.

What do you think of Snapchat Spectacles? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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