The Gear.Club racing game is now on Android

The good news for Android users who are interested in the Gear.Club racing game first released on iOS: the game officially hits the Play Store, and users can download it for free.

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Developed by French studio Eden Games, the popular mobile racing game Gear.Club did achieve over a million downloads in just 5 days after the offical launch on the iOS platform. And after its launch week on iOS, the game climbed to:

  • the number one overall downloaded app in 77 countries.
  • the number one free game in 85 countries.
  • the number one Racing game in 142 countries.

Gear.Club is really an authentic world of cars, not just a classic racing car game. While playing the game, players will get a realistic driving experience, with completely simulated engines, powertrains, suspensions and aerodynamics. Moreover, players will indulge themselves in stunning geographical locations and compete live with their online friends. In order to improve the chances of winning, players will be able to customize and upgrade a few certain parts of each and every car, such as engine, suspension and more, in the performance shop, thereby speeding up the car.

Like other racing games, players will start off with a wide range of some different cars and will be able to purchase more with money they earn from winning races. 29 cars in total are available in the game. You will find some cars like BMW M6 Coupé, Mercedes SLS AMG or McLaren 570S, or Lotus Exige S.

It’s good to be aware that though the Gear.Club is now available on Android through the Google Play Store and is totally free, it is packed with in-app purchases that will let players purchase game items for real money. But with these items, you are able to progress through the game a lot easier and faster.¬† If you are not interested in this feature, you can disable it by heading to the settings menu.

According to Eden Games, the file size of Gear.Club is really quite large, so a stable Internet connection is required during installation.

Give it a try here

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