The Google Sprayscape App turns your Device into a dynamic Photo Maker

Google has just released its new open-source Android Experiment app dubbed Sprayscape that is able to turn your device into a dynamic photo maker. Released last year, Android Experiments act as an open and flexible platform that offers unique capabilities for many third-party developers to show what’s possible on Android devices, whether they are phones, tablets, watches and more.

Unlike the Cardboard Camera app introduced last year by Google, this latest experimental app doesn’t simply capture a 360-degree sphere. Instead of trying to stitch images together, Sprayscape uses the Cardboard SDK to read your phone’s gyroscope data, thereby being able to pinpoint the position. Plus, it can combine images without using various algorithms, which makes it work more quickly. Cardboard Camera and Sprayscape only share one thing in common: the results are best viewed in a Google Cardboard virtual reality headset.


When you launch Sprayscape app, you just need to move the camera around to another part of the scene and touch the screen to take a photo of whatever is in front of you, and it is put inside the sphere. Next up, you press and hold your finger on the phone’s display while moving your camera around in order to create a photo sphere, which can then make you feel like taking a VR acid trip. The cool thing is that you can save your final creation to your Google Drive or make it public by sharing via email and link.


Sprayscape is available via the Play Store now. The company is also working on an iOS version of this Android Experiment. To give it a try, you can download it for free via the Sprayscape website or Google Play Store.

So, from now on, with the help of Sprayscape app, you are able to capture spray-paint style photos inside a virtual 360-degree sphere. Well, it can’t be more perfect when your device will be turned into a dynamic photo maker. That the app is packed with more creative and innovative features makes it stand out from the crowd as well as increase the likelihood that it is well received by users all over the world.

What do you think of Google’s latest VR app for Android? Sound off in the comments section below.

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