Things You Should Do With Your Android Phone

There so a lot of useful things you can do with your Android phone but many of you don’t know.  From custom launchers, apps, LED notifications, to gesture controls, tweaks, there are so many to keep you interested. Here are 5 things you should try if you are an Android user.

  1. Prioritize notifications 

From Android 8.0, Google has improved handling notifications. All you need is heading into individual apps and then choosing if you see the notification dots and more. It’s a great way to prioritize your phone so that it can suit your needs by changing the different settings.

  • Press the app you wish to change to show up the menu
  • Select from the available settings, including the notification dot.
  1. Supercharge Wi-Fi

If you are using Chrome, you should know that you can tell it to save time and even money by cutting down data usage. With this setting, you can save up to 30% of data usage each month.  Here is how to do it. Head to Chrome > Settings > Data Saver and enable it.

Additionally, you can also tell your phone to keep Wi-Fi on during the sleep.

  • Navigate to Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced
  • Tap on Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep
  • Choose Always

Enabling it will help you not just download things while the screen is off, but also save battery life since your phone won’t need to connect to Wi-Fi again every time you wake your device up.

  1. Optimize battery

No matter what Android phone you are using, there are always solutions to save the battery. It’d better disable ‘ambient display’ or ‘adaptive brightness’. Although it changes the display’s brightness automatically based on the lighting conditions, according to many users, it’s not perfect.

Furthermore, all Android UIs has their battery saving mode. While the strengths of each are different, they are worth seeing how they are best applied to your daily needs.

You can find out the battery functions on your phone by digging into the settings and searching for battery, power or other same things.

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  1. Use Google Assistant

You’re probably not strange with Google Assistant, which allows you to retrieve information quickly. Simply say “Okay Google,” and tell it what you want. It can be set to work on any screen by heading to Google Settings > Search > Voice > OK Google detection and choosing Always on.

  1. Set up Find my Device

Similar to Find My iPhone on iOS, Find my Device is a great tool which allows you to track a lost Android phone, lock it remotely, wipe data in it and even show a message on the lock screen for anyone that collects it. It is the first thing you should do on your Android phone.

You can find the permissions for Find my Device feature under Security tab in the Google Setting app. Once enabled, you can remotely locate your phone, lock or delete its contents. But before that, you have to activate it as a device administrator. To do so:

  • Head to Settings Security Device Administrators 
  • Enable Find My Device option.

These are 5 things you should do on your Android phone. If you feel them useful, let’s know in the comment.


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