Top 10 Apps You Should Have On Your Iphone

Apple’s App Store offers millions of apps. It is not easy to figure out which apps you think are worth some of your time and attention. However, Apple has recently revealed a list of apps that you should have on any iPhone and iPad. Here are 10 of them.

  • 1. VSCO

VSCO is one of the most popular apps among professional Instagram users. If you want your photos taken with your iPhone look amazing, VSCO will help you. The app includes many professional image processing filters and offers more editing capabilities than Instagram. According to tech experts, each filter preset is specifically designed to offer the effect of an old-school film camera.


Besides, the app now includes free cloud-syncing and uploads. This means that you can connect with your friends via your own VSCO Grid account.

  • 2. BuzzFeed Video


Video is expected to be BuzzFeed’s main focus in 2016. Earlier this year, the Internet Media Company launched a new video app called BuzzVideo. Users now can watch all their favorite videos. Besides, the app offers many trending videos in different sectors.

  • 3. 1Password


According to a recent survey, 1Password is one of the best apps for managing your web logins and personal information. The app now supports multiple platforms and has a user-friendly interface. Apple says that 1Password will be a useful tool to keep users’ personal accounts more secure.

  • 4. MSQRD 

Masquerade’s app is among the best apps in the Apple’s App Store. The app lets you overlay animated filters over your face using your iPhone’s front shooter.



MSQRD offers various filters ranging from Leonardo DiCaprio at the Oscars to a cute cat. Besides, the app supports video recording and still-life photographs, so you can share them on social networks.

  • 5. Venmo


Basically, Venmo will act like a digital wallet which lets you make some commerce transactions. For example, you can easily pay your friends back for dinner or cinema. The app also includes many playful emoiji descriptions.

  • 6. Dark Sky


Dark Sky is best known for giving its accurate weather forecasts. Accordingly, you will get notifications warning you when it is going to rain or snow in your exact location. The app has received mostly positive reviews from worldwide users thanks to its beautiful design and user -friendly interface.

  • 7. Replay Video Editor

Replay Video Editor is a perfect tool for adjusting and mixing the music volume in your video. All your photos and videos will come to life in an amazing movie with 27 different video styles available.

  • 8. RunKeeper

RunKeeper allows you to choose and create different types of workouts. Besides, you can create new routes, track your physical activities and link the app to other fitness trackers (a heart-rate monitor, for example). You can also compare your results with your friends and set a goal for yourself.

  • 9. Camera +


Camera + is a good alternative to Apple’s stock camera app. Camera + comes with many focus modes  and “Lumy” feature that offers better quality images in low – light conditions. Noticeably, Camera + features “AirSnap”, allowing you to pair two iOS devices together to take photos from afar.

  • 10. Jet


According to tech experts, Jet will compete directly with Amazon this year. The app offers easy reorders, free shipping and returns.


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