Top Christmas Apps For Android

The Christmas is coming closer and the decorations are already up as well as the celebrations have already been starting. It’s also time to decorate your Android smartphones with the help of Christmas apps. If you are looking for them, here are some of the best Christmas apps for your device.

Best Christmas Apps For Android

Christmas Frames


The first app in our list names Christmas Frames. It is one of the best Christmas apps you need to install on your Android phone. The festive season would not be wonderful without capturing photos of the special moments with your beloved people. With this app, you can use the camera to take photos with different frames and set it in a frame. Every frame comes with HD high quality and especially it’s free for the download. You can also use the Christmas framed pictures to set as a screen wallpaper or share it to the social media networks.

Download Christmas Frames

Christmas Gift List

It’s a perfect tracker for Christmas gifts to write it down on your tracker. After you have bought a gift, you could mark them on your list as purchased. It also allows you to set a budget for your gifts so that you can check how much you have been spending on your shopping with a protection of a password. The app supports various languages and the budget is in several currencies as well.

Download Christmas Gift List

2017 Christmas Songs


Along with Santa and Christmas tree, the songs cannot miss in the Christmas season. This app includes several Christmas songs, ringtones that you can set as your ringtone. The notifications, alarms, and timer off music can use this Christmas app on your devices. The app lets you listen to the famous Christmas songs such as Jingle Bells, Sleigh Ride, Happy New Year, Santa Baby and share them with your friends.

Download Christmas Songs 2017

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Subway Santa Xmas Surf

In term of game, we’d like to introduce to you the Subway Santa Xmas Surf.It is a super interesting endless running game. Your mission will have to help Santa Claus he run in the subway and then remember collecting gifts and coins. You need to control Santa to overcome the obstacles and need to run as fast as possible. The game has a cool and high-end graphic. Furthermore, the background is also exciting and the music is great. If you have children, we’re sure they will love playing it.

Download Subway Xmas Surf

Santa Dash: Christmas Game

Another exciting game you should play on your Android phone is the Santa Dash. Santa is in hurry to deliver all the gifts on time, but his Rudolph loses the balance and drops all the gifts. Your mission is to collect all the gifts and save the Christmas. You will need to overcome all the obstacles and collect these gifts again. Take a look at the falling bombs and the dangerous items which collide with the Christmas tree.

Get Santa Dash: New Christmas Game

Enjoy these Christmas apps on your Android device and wish you have a merry Christmas season.

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