Top Games You Must Play On Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 might currently be the best Android smartphone with its 6.3-inch AMOLED infinity display, a powerful and fast Snapdragon 835 SoC as well as an impressive amount of RAM. The hardware specs indicate that this device is a perfect choice for playing all the high-end games. The Note 8’s display comes with 2960 x 1440 resolutions, which make the small detail highly visible. So, if you are looking for what games to play on your Note 8, read this post thoroughly. Here is the list of the best games for Galaxy Note 8.


The first recommended game on our list is the online Vainglory game. It is an amazing MOBA game that suitably plays on a big screen like the Note. The game allows you to select your favorite hero from around 30+ characters available and then join in the battle. You will have to control your hero to cooperate with other teammates to destroy the enemies. There are also different modes from a simple one to the competitive, so choose the one you like most. You will also have a chance to win a reward in the multiplayer online battles in the arena.

Download Vainglory

WGT Golf Game

If you are a fan of Golf, the WGT Golf game will be the best one to enjoy on your Galaxy Note 8. This game comes with several challenges so you will gain an amazing experience. Things are very impressive when displaying on a big 6.3-inch screen with 2K resolutions, which makes the game more smoothing. The game also has the multiple modes, which lets you choose from a full set of virtual golf equipment such as woods, wedges, putter, balls etc. All the realistic golf swing options including full, punch, chip, flop etc. are also brought in this game.

Download WGT Golf game

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

It’s another interesting game you can play on Galaxy Note 8. The game is a Telltale adventure game that you can enjoy the comic book style on the 6.3-inch display. There will be a young girl, named Clementine who has faced the unimaginable loss in this game besides a young man whose name is Javier. He hardly looks for his family that was taken from him.

Download The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

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Injustice 2

A fighting game that you should not skip is Injustice 2. It won’t let you feel monotonous anyhow for a single moment. It is a fighting game between the Superman and Batman. With the powerful Snapdragon 835 SoC on Note 8, you will never see any lag while playing the high graphics game. Everything such as the fighting style, new characters, villains is very enjoyable. The game comes with the exciting modes that you need to cross over time to become an ultimate DC fighter.

Download Injustice 2

Bully: Anniversary Edition

One of the best games on our list you should play on your Galaxy Note 8 is Bully: Anniversary Edition. You will role-play in a 15-year-old boy, named Jimmy Hopkins. He navigates the social hierarchy of the Bullworth Academy School that is corrupt and disintegrating. Your mission will stand up to Bullies, be picked on by the teachers, and then survive the worst school for a year. The game features the excellent graphics, along with numerous characters, and classroom mini-games, particle effects, etc. which is highly enjoyable.

Download Bully: Anniversary edition


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