Top Of Best Cloud Virtual Server Providers 2016

Cloud Virtual Server providers:

Last time, I’ve wrote an article to introduce that “What is Cloud computing technologies“. So today if you’re confusing about choosing the best provider for your service, I will help you to take a tour with some providers which I think they’re the best. Let’s go!

1. Google Cloud Computing

This service is provided by Google and released at June 28th, 2012. At my opinion, I think this is the best provider. We all known how good is Google’s services. And Google cloud computing resources are using the same resource with Youtube, Blogger… So you have not to worry anything about the speed, stability, bandwidth…

Google Cloud allow you to create your project at a lot of data center in the world (US, Europan, Asia)

Google Cloud Platform

Even if talking about price, Google cloud services are not expensive at all !!! Just same as normal price in the market, or even cheaper. You can check it at: Google Cloud platform pricing

After a long time used Google cloud platform, I can give you an overall rating:


Ease of uses: 7.5/10 (Not really easy if you’re a newbie)


Speed: 9/10


Stability: 9.5/10


Pricing: 8.5/10


Customer service: 6 / 10 (Really hard to get in touch with support team)

2. Amazon AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Amazon Web Services are same as Google Cloud, it’s developed and released by Amazon – 1 of top biggest companies in the world. Amazon Web Services are based at 11 regions in the world.

Amazon Web Services

Honestly speaking, I’ve not used AWS in a long time, just test for a while. But at my opinion, Amazon Web Services are also good as Google Cloud. But the management center is not friendly like Google. And also the prices are more expensive than Google Cloud.

At last, I think it will be ok if you use Google Cloud or AWS, they’re good. And below is my overall rating:

Ease of uses: 7/10


Speed: 9/10


Stability: 9.5/10


Pricing: 8/10


Customer service: 7/10

3. Digital Ocean

This one is recently becoming famous, they’ve paid much money for advertising. DigitalOcean project has been launched at 2011, but their services just become popular at the late of 2013. The best of Digital Ocean is really easy to use, simple user interface but giving us great experience when using. With just 1 click, your Cloud server will be created, information will be sent to your email. We can also create a wordpress blog or some other applications with 1 click.


But, I don’t highly appreciate the speed and stability. At almost of times, it’s good. But sometime it’s not stable, your server may can be slow or down with no reason.

Support team are good and always be available for helps. They also have a lot of tutorials wrote by their technical team.

So below is my overall rating


Ease of uses: 9/10


Speed: 8.5/10


Stability: 7/10


Pricing: 8.6/10


Customer service: 8.5/10


OVH is a big server provider from a long time. They have big data center, providing services for a lot of companies.

The best of OVH, I think it’s the price. You won’t find anyone can beat their prices. Just starting at $2.5 / month for classic Virtual private server with 1GB RAM and $15 / month for a Cloud server with 2GB of RAM. Not only the price is good but also their services are good. It’s quite stable, the data center is located in Canada, you will not have much choices for your region so the speed may not great as your expect.


The worst of OVH is the procedure to get registered. They will require you to send the verification document: International ID card, Driver license and billing invoice as proof of address.

And here is my overall rating:


Ease of uses: 7/10


Speed: 8/10


Stability: 8/10


Pricing: 9/10


Customer service: 8.5/10

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