Twitter adds quick reply feature for direct messages

Twitter has just announced the rollout of the two features for the social network’s direct messages, namely quick replies and welcome messages. They are designed to help businesses with automating their direct message conversations with customers as long as people begin those conversations in the latest version of Twitter’s app.

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According to Product manager Ian Cairns, welcome messages enable businesses to greet people and set expectations for direct message conversations without forcing people to send an appropriate initial message. Besides, businesses can create multiple welcome messages, and can deeply link to a specific greeting from tweets, websites, or apps.

Twitter’s quick replies also come in handy, as they help businesses give people a quick way to reply to a direct message, through either a list of options or requiring them to provide specific text values. This way, Quick Replies will be able to save the customer’s time and at the same time make the social network much more user-friendly.

Twitter is trying to bridge the gap between the bots on Facebook and chatting with real humans. So, users, who tweet at businesses and receive responses, are willing to spend 3 percent to 20 percent more on a product.

Twitter has worked in conjunction with many developers such as Assist, Audiense, Conversable, Hobbynote, Lithium Technologies, Massively and Promixa, in order to make welcome messages and quick replies available in the market. If businesses want to get automated direct message experiences, they can contact Twitter’s development partners for more information.

It should be noted that Twitter is actually making efforts to make its platform more intuitive for users and more attractive for businesses so that they can increase revenues. Indeed, a rather stagnant user base does prompt Twitter to map out strategies to be able to compete with Facebook.

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