Wanna enable Windows 10 to sideload apps? Here’s how you can do it

On Windows 10, Microsoft keeps developing its new modern app platform that can get primarily from the Windows Store. But similar to other platforms like Android, you also have the ability to sideload apps that aren’t available on the Store. In this post, we will show you how to enable Windows 10 to sideload apps on your computer.

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Before getting started, note that most of the apps outside the Store are not rated and contain the┬ádanger that could potentially harm your computer. So if you must sideload apps, it’s best to install those from a trusted source.

Now, just follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch Settings.

Step 2: Click on Update & security.

Step 3: Click on For developers.

Step 4: Under Use developer features, choose the Sideload apps option.

Step 5: Click Yes to confirm the security risks occurring when installing and running apps from outside the Windows Store.

Step 6: Reboot your computer if necessary to complete the task.

You may have noticed that there is a Developer mode option that also lets you sideload apps, but it will enable other developer certain features.

You can also apply these steps to allow Windows 10 Mobile to sideload apps on your phone.

It must be stated that Windows 10 by default prevents you from sideloading apps in order to protect you and your computer, as there is a lot of risks involved running apps outside the Store. However, installing apps outside the Store help developers test an app before submitting it to the Store. Plus, you want to try an app that leaked onto the web, or ones available outside of the Store.

As always, if you face any issues with allowing Windows 10 to sideload apps on your computer, do let us know by commenting below.

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