What Will The iPad 3 Have?

It’s 2012 and the world (well maybe Apple fans) are awaiting the release of the iPad 3. As is typical, Apple is not confirming nor denying what specs the iPad 3 will have. In fact, they’re not even confirming that a new iPad is on its way.

Before a product is released, Apple has to contract with other companies since Apple doesn’t make the iPad nor its accessories in-house. These other companies make everything from the processor to the cases. Even though these companies are sworn to secrecy, details still manage to leak out.

Until the next iPad comes out, all the information that’s out there are simply rumors. With that said, here are some of the juicier tidbits that have been swirling out on the internets.

No iPad 3

The rumor is that there will be no iPad 3. There will still be a new tablet released though. It will be called the iPad 2S. In other words, it’s a product refresh rather than an entirely new product. This makes sense and now seems likely. Apple did the same thing with their last major product release, the iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S.

Design Change

Usually when a product changes model numbers there is a big design change. If it stays as the iPad 2S the design will stay the same. If it’s the iPad 3 you can expect a new look. There is a rumor going around that the next iPad will be thicker in order to accommodate a retina display. Another rumor says the dock connector will be smaller.

iPad Mini

iPad sales are still doing great, but there countless competitors out there that are aiming to take a bite of the Apple. One such competitor is the Kindle Fire. This smaller tablet had success because of it’s lower price tag and perhaps the smaller size. If Apple wants to dominate the small tablet market they could release a smaller cheaper tablet.

Performance Upgrades

The iPad 3 will have a faster processor, possibly a quad-core called A6. The cameras (both the front and the rear) may get an upgrade and the display will have an upgraded resolution. You can also expect the next iPad to have voice enabled Siri like the iPhone 4S had.

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