Your Apps Managed Easier With New Google Play Store

There is a major change in the Google Play Store. Although, the main Play Store screen has stayed the same, the “My Apps & Games” tab has been changed to help you manage updates easier, which makes more efficient uses of the available space.

If you have not yet to see the update, you should restart the device and open the Play Store again. As soon as you launch it, the change is triggered and you can see the new “My Apps” UI.

There is a little change in The My Apps and Games tab. “Subscriptions” tab disappears, and “Installed” tab won’t display updates anymore. Instead, there will be a separate “Updates” tab for you that helps you see which app updates are available as well as how long ago they became available. In addition, you can check your most recently updated apps and how long ago they were updated. It will also show up the most recent updates on top.

You can see all the apps installed on your device in the “Installed Tab”. By Alphabetical order, Last updated, Last used, or Size, you can sort your apps orderly to control, find, uninstall whatever apps you want easily.

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Now, the Play Store has been added a third tab called “Library” to see a list of previously installed apps. So, whatever apps you may have installed on another tablet or smartphone that used the same Google account before will controlled carefully.

Lastly, the “Beta” tab has remained untouched that will help you manage which apps you have installed in the Beta builds. In case you don’t see the update, you should be patient to see the new update. Maybe, it will appear over the next week or so.

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