Zombie Apocalypse features MC Hammer Accomplishment

I’m well aware that this is actually not news, in fact you might even go as far as to state it is anti-news. If this post and a real news post touched the world might end. However, each Sunday at the Razak domicile is Hammer Time and when it’s Hammer Time all information about MC Hammer, baggy pants or Hammer’s Saturday morning cartoonHammerman, shall be posted. What info do we have for you today on MC Hammer?

Looks like he’ll be making an Accomplishment appearance in Zombie Apocalypse, the upcoming downloadable Smash TV/Left 4 Dead hybrid for the 360. The Achievement, entitled “Can’t Touch This,” features a silhouette of Hammer in his trademark baggy pants and can be obtained by racking up a 100x multiplier in any game mode. Does this instantly make the game a must have? Yes, yes it does. Now, just for a minute, let’s all do the bump.

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